Tuesday, December 6, 2011

NYC, City of Deliciousness

As expected, I had a fantastic time in New York.  I got to visit some of my very best friends, take in some fantastic museums, see an amazing musical, and indulge in tasty food.  Here, dear readers, I will share some of the highlights:


A fantastic little Northern Italian restaurant on the Lower East Side.  Great intimate atmosphere.  Perfect place for a romantic date or a decadent meal with friends.  Don't miss the Tajarin pasta and the trio of homemade gelatos for dessert.  Delish!


The Neue (pronounced like "Noe" Valley) Gallerie is a delightful museum on the Upper East Side right near the Met.  It houses the extensive collection of Ronald Lauder, who has apparently been collecting art since his teens.  My museum-going mate, Sarah, was skeptical when I described a museum filled with Austrian and German art.  But, the collection soon won her over.  There are some lovely paintings and even a room filled with medieval armor.  It's just the right size, too, so you can tackle the whole place, feeling a sense of accomplishment without spending a whole day inside.  Two thumbs up.


Swoon!  The colors.  The smells.  The most delicious morsel you have ever tried.  I love Laduree.  Yes, there is a long line.  Yes, you will wonder whether it is worth it to pay $60 for a box of 24 macarons.  I assure you, it is.  Get a lot!  Try many flavors.  I am partial to the lemon, the raspberry, and the salted caramel.  Grab a box, take it to Central Park with a dear friend, and savor the moment.  If you're lucky like Lynsey and I were, you may even get to hear "La Vie En Rose" playing in the background as you eat your morsels du ciel.  Mais oui!


Yes, it lives up to the hype.  The Book of Mormon is funny, irreverent, endearing, and all together a fantastic time.  Jeffrey, the bro, and I laughed almost the entire time.  The songs are so catchy, too.  I couldn't stop singing "Turn It Off" and "I Believe" the rest of the weekend.  My dear Christine couldn't stop singing them either, and she didn't even see the show!  An added bonus -- the theater serves alcohol in sippy cups during the show.  Grab a Makers and Diet, mmm, and laugh away!  

And for those wondering, I think I pulled of New York in style.  I was even called a Jackie Kennedy look alike in a bar.  Now if only I could get myself that put together in San Francisco.  I am currently wearing mismatched pajamas and frizzy hair.  Good thing Mr. Curly Rosen doesn't seem to mind!  

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  1. The trip sounds amazing! I'd like to do everything you described. Any leftover macarons??? Would love to see pictures of your NY style, "Jackie"