Friday, July 13, 2012

East Coast Adventures

Mr. Curly Rosen and I spent a glorious 10 days on the East Coast in June.  We reuned, we consumed, and we celebrateuned (had to make that rhyme...apologies...).  From my 10th reunion at Princeton, to NYC fun, to the wedding of my twinie Christine and her darling Stephen, we had a truly wonderful time.  Feast your eyes on all of this fun!


Princeton is lovely. 

Great panel of Princeton WWII vets.

2002 ivy is looking good.

Two Rosens and a Christine.

Looking sharp for the P-Rade. 

Princeton makes an orange lover out of everyone.

Lil Arch!  I cannot sing "How High the Moon" without crying...hence the red eyes. 

More P-Rade fun. 

Featherbed Four!

Smarties vote Democrat.


Sadly, true. 

Mr. Tough Guy

Mr. Tough Guy melting Maeve

Eating clubs do not look like this during the school year. 

Lilies saying goodbye to the seniors. 


View from our hotel room. 

Soup dumplings in Chinatown. 

The Frick

Central Park

Handsome man

Wiser words were never uttered. 

We did a lot of this. 

Meta tourist.


Christine and Stephen's Nuptials!

Bridal lunch. 

Pretty fleurs.

Getting ready!

Beautiful couple, beautiful wedding 

The winning by Mr. Curly Rosen

Stoplight photo

Am I really married?!

 Yes, indeed, I am really married and my bride is fabulous!


You're not drunk, it's Instagram blur function. 

What a wonderful trip with my Mr. Curly Rosen :)