Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Planning a Turkish Journey

Chad and I made a list this weekend of all of the places (both international and domestic) where we would like to travel.  It is long.  Highlights include: a trip to Chile, with some Santiago time with the Pardinis and some adventure time in Patagonia; a Southeast Asian excursion focused on Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos; a pasta-filled getaway to Italy with a strong emphasis on the Amalfi Coast; and an Alaskan adventure, perhaps including a visit to Sarah Palin's infamous hometown.

But first -- Turkey!  We will be traveling to Turkey this June.  These pictures are getting me inspired and excited.  Feast your eyes!

Does anyone have tips for traveling in Turkey?  All advice and thoughts welcomed.  


  1. I have a lot of thoughts about traveling in Turkey...My first thought is that Capadochia is the most magical place on earth. We should discuss. - Drew

  2. The Pardinis can't wait to welcome you to Chile!!! <3

  3. Spend a good amount of time in Istanbul, always a good thing. Also Capadochia has been mentioned, which is so worth a visit. It all depends on your time frame. The further east you go, the more remote things get and to some extent more interesting. Let me know if you have any questions ... and no, you don't have to bike through the country.

  4. Hey Curly Rosens! Aaron and I spent about a month in Turkey a couple years ago. Documented here: http://tripnic.blogspot.com/2009/01/catching-up-istanbul-take-two.html

    Let me know how I can help!

    (Jessie K)